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Winning on the European stage

Influencing decisions made in the European Union is more important than ever as the regulatory landscape changes fast. This report outlines why Swedish companies should focus more on public affairs – and how they can reap the rewards of closer engagement.

Inside Asia’s population shift

Demographic trends are changing the playing field as birth rates decline, people live longer lives and urbanisation continues to accelerate. This report explores the future implications for business and trade in Asia.

The semiconductor imperative

Semiconductors are a common denominator of the green transition – and the race is now on to ensure resilient supply chains. In this report we explore the impact of geopolitics on the semiconductor industry and outline actions that can be taken to minimise volatility and risk.

Global analysis
Business Sweden continuously monitors markets globally, and analyses the effects on Swedish companies’ internationalisation. Our reports provide a broad view of Swedish exports and foreign investments.
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Join Sweden: Behind the scenes of Sweden’s green momentum

Sweden’s climate-smart, system-wide solutions for going green and digital are attracting the international spotlight. But how can other countries tap into the momentum and join Sweden on its mission? Listen in as Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, and Business Sweden’s CEO Jan Larsson share their inside perspectives.

South Korean Sono Group establishes a brand new concept on the High Coast

At Business Sweden, we see a substantial increase from foreign investors to invest in Swedish tourism. Swedes are considered early adopters and open to new trends. When Sono Group made an enquiry about building a new resort on the High Coast, the region turned to Business Sweden to help develop the relationship.

Unleashing AI's potential with innovative data use, collaboration, and bold thinking

To build a future that delivers smart society solutions, we need to leverage the power of data and digital technology. Sweden has emerged as an innovation test bed for AI, edge learning, and more, and this is driving collaboration and growth. Listen to insights from Business Sweden’s DigiTech investment expert Alexander Morrone and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, project manager for The Data Factory at AI Sweden.

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Paprtect brings touchscreen hygiene innovation to Singapore

Market analysis and local sales support gave Paprtect a jumpstart in Asia – laying the foundation for global expansion as the company reinvents touchscreen hygiene at airports, restaurants and hotels.

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NIRA Dynamics accelerate automotive safety with controlled market growth

Swedish automotive software company NIRA Dynamics are world leaders in safety SW technology, innovating and developing tyre monitoring solutions that enhance road, vehicle, and passenger safety, but also meet strict regional and global regulations. To go from their beginnings in Linköping in 2001, to a major global player, they have recently been helped along the way by Business Sweden’s corporate services in China and France and market insights and engagement in Italy, Japan, India, and the US.

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Doing business with NATO

Finland and Sweden's NATO membership will open many new doors for Nordic companies to do business with NATO allies, and most significantly, the United States. This acquisition guidebook, "Doing Business With NATO," is an introduction for small and midsized enterprises.

Navigating Singapore’s agri-food tech landscape

Innovation is accelerating rapidly in the agri-food tech sector with Singapore in the vanguard of progress. A new report from Business Sweden maps out the local opportunities.

The krona and Swedish exports

The weak Swedish krona is having a significant impact on exports of goods and the ability of Swedish export companies to capture opportunities in global markets. This is revealed by a new survey presented by Business Sweden, based on interviews with some 300 financial directors across key industry sectors.

Africa on track to leap into global green hydrogen landscape

The global demand for green hydrogen is on the rise, but with projections showing current major production hubs will only account for around 60 per cent of anticipated market demand, key African countries and resources are emerging as critical to global energy use. What role will Africa play in the future of green hydrogen, and how can Swedish companies contribute?

Morocco’s healthcare reforms a win-win for local progress and Swedish partners

Strategic investment and reforms in Morocco’s healthcare sector are providing a solid platform for structural change, including large-scale infrastructure upgrades, a digitalisation transition, and enhancing human resources. With a sizeable financial commitment from the government, skills, expertise, and innovations across the sector are in demand; and Swedish companies can jump in to bridge the gap.

Taiwan's healthcare tale: Navigating Accessibility, Affordability, and Quality in an Ageing Society

How can Swedish companies embark on their growth journey through Taiwan's healthcare landscape, where accessibility, affordability, and quality converge? Opportunities prevail as there is also a medical workforce shortage as the healthcare providers and funders constant struggle to balance cost and innovation and the unique challenge of a rapidly ageing society. We explore the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities shaping Taiwan's healthcare terrain.

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New kid on the block in Asia’s battery industry

The Asia-Pacific region is at the forefront of the global battery storage market. But the spotlight is not only on the incumbent players when it comes to battery investments. It’s time to make way for India – here’s why.

Is India the next supply chain hub?

Geopolitics is changing the playing field for Asian supply chains and India’s new role as an emerging manufacturing and logistics hub is picking up momentum. Here’s a look at the latest developments – and why Swedish companies should pay close attention.

India’s manufacturing sector

With improved operating conditions, cost competitiveness, a significant talent pool and success in meeting outsourcing requirements, India is inching closer to China in becoming a preferred global manufacturing hub.

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