Indoor air quality in commercial buildings has long been a challenge, but Swedish company Sally R looked to space to see if they could find a solution that could be applied on Earth. Inspired by technology employed at the International Space Station, they developed a cloud-based service for commercial real estate, enabling them to meet ESG goals. The solution optimises performance for commercial HVAC systems resulting in energy savings and improved air quality. 

Taking this solution beyond Sweden has always been Sally R’s goal, and after a successful expansion into the UK, they had their sights firmly set on the US market. Sally R’s approach had previously been to engage directly with partners, but the task of navigating the size and complexity of the US market meant they wanted and needed help to accelerate their sales. 

The partnership between Sally R and Business Sweden began with mapping and defining a set of criteria that would help identify which states would be best suited to meet the ambitions of their expansion plans. Using around 20 different criteria points, tailored specifically to the building management and HVAC industry, five areas in the US were pinpointed as best matched to Sally R’s products, meeting building sector demands, and aligned from an energy and system policy perspective. 

The US market offers great opportunities for European tech companies such as Sally R. At the same time, the size of the market also poses challenges, like where to begin and where to focus. We're thankful for finding a great local partner in Business Sweden who could help us with the initial work of data-based analysis as well as reaching out to potential partners Fredrik Tunberg, CEO, Sally R

This analysis was the springboard for a partner search. Starting with a long list of over 4,000 companies derived from multiple sources, a screening and filtering process began according to criteria set by Sally R and Business Sweden. This, coupled with Business Sweden’s local knowledge, enabled the team to narrow down the list to approximately 100 companies – all suitable for a successful partnership. 

The ensuing stakeholder engagement by Business Sweden led to three physical meetings with interested partners, as well as three other companies expressing interest in future collaboration. With a hit rate of over 10 per cent, the engagement phase secured discussions with the most promising partner, with the possibility of a pilot and partner agreement.

We took an analytical approach which allowed us to identify leading players with potential for Sally R; this also provided a framework for future growth. Working with a company that’s at the intersection of AI and energy optimisation was a fantastic opportunity, as was helping to bring Sally R’s solution to the US. Commercial buildings are in dire need of innovation, and we look forward to following Sally R’s market entry.” Mats Shore, Project Manager, Business Sweden

Sally R are now well on their way to expanding their global footprint in one of the world’s biggest commercial building markets, with the ability to explore new growth opportunities and strategic partnerships. 



Identify specific US states and potential partners with the right industry knowledge and local presence to support market entry and expansion.


Identified and qualified potential partners according to a set of criteria that were jointly defined by Sally R and Business Sweden. Using local knowledge, criteria data, and the outcome from the market analysis, Business Sweden arranged meetings with potential partners, giving Sally R the opportunity to choose the most suitable partner for their US market entry

Business Sweden assisted in identifying and qualifying potential partners to Sally R according to jointly agreed criteria. Business Sweden also approached the most suitable companies, arranging meetings and facilitating dialogue.


A pilot project is currently being discussed with the identified partner in the state that was deemed the most suitable. Sally R have also established contact with and are exploring future opportunities with several other potential stakeholders.


Sally R’s cloud-based service for commercial real estate will help local companies achieve ESG goals. By working with companies in the US to optimise performance of HVAC systems, they are contributing to energy savings and improved air quality in the commercial building sector.


Would you like to learn more about how we can help to grow your global sales in the Americas? Please contact Mats Shore at Business Sweden for more information.